Monday Night Swing 

Every Monday night we offer classes and dancing to get your week started off right. Classes run from 8 pm – 9 pm, and then our open dance starts at 9 pm and goes until 11 pm – come out and dance with us! Everyone is welcome, and you don’t need a partner. There are three different levels of classes that run concurrently every Monday: a beginner drop-in, an intermediate level class, and an advanced one. If you’ve never done any swing dancing before, fear not, the beginner drop-in is just for you – it always covers the foundations of swing dancing and anyone can hop in. Intermediate and Advanced class information is posted to the home page of our website each month as well as our facebook page. After classes, our open dance features two hours of great DJed swinging jazz for your listening and dancing pleasure. Private lessons are also available with any of our instructors on staff.

Beginner Drop-in Class:

The beginner drop-in class runs every Monday and cycles through three different lessons, each completely accessible and very beginner-friendly. It comes free with the purchase of the open dance.

Intermediate progressive series:

The intermediate class runs as a month-long series, with the topic of class changing each month. The classes are progressive so that the students explore challenging concepts and then return the next week to build off of them – the number of Mondays in a month determines how many classes there will be in a particular series.

Advanced progressive series:

The advanced class runs as a month-long series like the intermediate one does, and is intended for students who are experienced in both swing dancing and our class material. Offering new and niche concepts, or new styles of swing altogether, the advanced progressive series always brings unique material to the students.

Private and semi-private lessons:

Personal attention is one of the most effective ways of quickly and efficiently improving at any style of dance. Whether it’s for a few people or just yourself, no matter what the level, our instructors can assess your dancing and help guide you in the direction you personally need to go to improve. Rates vary per instructor, and lessons are available in half-hour and hour increments.


Monthly passes are available and offer a discount.

Beginner Drop-in Class – FREE with dance purchase
Intermediate Class – $10 , College Students $5
Evening Dance – $10 , College Students $5

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