The Underground Dance Community offers many swing-related services for any event. If you’d like to hire us, please contact us at

Swing Dance Performances


Looking to add a captivating show to your event? Underground’s Rapid Rhythms team provides an exciting, top-notch swing dance performance that’s sure to be the extra touch of style to amaze your crowd with. From one, simple, five-minute performance or dancing for three hours straight, we do it all. We can provide our own music if desired.

Swing Dance Instruction


If you’d like to bring some dance instruction to your event, our staff of seasoned and well-received instructors will get everyone rocking out on the dance floor. Whether it’s a  quick, fifteen minute crash course or an in-depth, hour long lesson, we’ll provide the best swing instruction that’s also specifically catered for your attendees.

Swing Music DJing


Our DJs bring a fantastic musical atmosphere to any event, offering everything from a relaxed, lounge feel to a red-hot swinging fever. Stocked up with great music collections from fantastic jazz artists both vintage and contemporary, our DJs hand-pick their playlists to suit your event’s needs.