Lessons & Travel Opportunities

Next month our Introduction to Lindy Hop beginner series starts! This is the perfect opportunity to get your friends hooked on the world of dance, so be sure to invite them and spread the word! Next month also features another month of Balboa with Kelly Palmiter!

Weekend Swing Dance Events coming up: Rocktober 2016 (Columbus, Ohio, October 7-9) and Time Warp Swing 2016 (Columbus, Ohio, October 21-23).


Travel Spotlight

Ike Swets

Looking to travel? Every month we’ll give you a brief look at an event that is coming up!

Time Warp Swing is in Columbus, Ohio, and is routinely attended by a large portion of the Underground. This year it features great classes on Saturday and Sunday taught by popular swing instructors in the Midwest, two Jack-and-Jill competitions, a costume contest, and, most importantly, dancing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights! Tickets are $45 for students and $55 for non-students. Time Warp offers free housing so you can avoid the cost of a hotel room, and carpooling options are available.


Historical Highlights

Casey McCoy

Each month we’ll be featuring a brief piece on a portion of swing history that we find interesting!

In 1982, a group in Stockholm, Sweden called the Rhythm Hot Shots sought to go back to the roots of Lindy Hop. Hoping to keep the dance as close to its roots as possible, they sought out the original Harlem dancers in New York City. The Rhythm Hot Shots were able to make ties with the original Harlem dancers, bringing legends such as Frankie Manning, Norma Miller, Dawn Hampton, and Chazz Young overseas to teach. Thanks to their efforts, Herrang Dance Camp has come to be what it is: a 5-week Lindy Hop dance camp held in Sweden.


Featured Music

Emory Thompson

Looking for more swing to fill your collection with? We’ve got you covered! Each month we’ll put the spotlight on a different source of swing music for you to check out!

When it comes to traditional swing music, there’s no group more iconic than Slim and Slam on the 1930’s and 40’s. To this day, their unique and quirky style has yet to be replicated, solidifying their prominent place in the history of swing and jazz.


For Dancers Only

Sarah McLellan

Things that the world of dance influences, affects, and shapes.

Let’s cut to the chase: the vast majority of dancers struggle at one point or another in their dancing career with their body image. I’m too tall and lanky. I’m too short and stocky. I’m too thin and twiggy. The list could go on and on.

Here’s a little tip that I’ve learned, and one that has completely altered how I perform, how I practice dance, and, ultimately, how I view myself both on the floor and off: comparison will kill you. Let me explain.

I will never have the long legs of Annie Trudeau or the build of Jo Hoffberg. But that does not disqualify me from having the ability to move as well as they do. That does not make my personalized styling invalid. And to me, that is what makes Lindy Hop the awesome dance it is.

If you look at the professional Lindy Hoppers – those recognized for their killer quality of motion, creativity on the dance floor, and precision of movement, you will see leads and follows of all different shapes and sizes. And they’re all fantastic They’re not out on the floor comparing themselves to the body types of those around them. They’re out there kicking ass and taking names in a way that makes sense to their body and their view of themselves and compliments their build.

Nothing brings greater joy to me than to see dancers – especially beginning dancers! – experiment and try to find a niche in their dancing that makes them feel awesome and reflects who they are both physically and personality wise. Embrace how your body is and learn to move it in a way that shows of just how great your build is. There is no “right dancer body” or “right dancer personality.” Your body is yours and you get to own your movement and make it unique to you. You are not “too” anything. You are you and that is more than enough.